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  • GET NOTICED:  Don’t be like everyone else – Stand out out from the crowd
  • GET IN THE GAME: Market your value – Be seen as someone who solves problems and helps companies achieve their goals
  • GET FOUND: Position yourself as a great fit – Solve the hiring manager’s problems and challenges
  • GO FORWARD: Resumes are backward looking – they show what you have done, companies want to know what you can and will do for them
  • GO FOR GOLD: Companies want to know that you will hit the road running –  from day 1.
  • Be in the race to win it
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A proven job search program that puts you in the pilot’s seat.  Integrating the best of digital marketing, SEO, copyrighting, PR, sales strategies (the sell side), my experience and knowledge from hiring and managing staff (the buy side), you have a comprehensive program that best positions you to land your dream job. No BS. CLEARED TO LAND gives you:

  • Clarity on your value proposition for the hiring manager
  • A focused communications plan including strategies for:
    • short, medium and long verbal interactions
    • written contact
    • LinkedIn
    • social media
  • A plan for consistent communications from:
    • outreach, to
    • initial contact, through
    • interviews, to
    • negotiation, and
    • acceptance!
  • A turbo-charged approach to:
    • building confidence
    • believing in yourself
    • owning your presentation
    • getting the job




To Be The Best That You Can Be, You Have to BELIEVE!


If you don’t believe you can…  Why should anyone else?

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The day I met Gary my life forever changed

I left that meeting 2.5hours later with a roadmap for the next 10-15 years that captured my vision between entrepreneurial endeavors, life experience, and pursuit of my hobbies aspirations, and ambitions. Thanks to Gary, I’ve been able to take ownership of my life and business on a massive level. Without his tutelage I would have never met my wife, started a family nor completed 12 Ironman Triathlons (3 of which were the Hawaii IM World Championships). He is a creative wizard, who thinks like a lawyer, has an accounting background, and is quick-witted. If he doesn’t know the answer to something, he will tell you and he will figure it out. Gary always frames things in a positive light and approaches situations through a 360-degree lens. He has been a mentor to me and coached me to become a leading authority in my field, taught me more about marketing and negotiating than I ever imagined, and given me the entrepreneurial acumen to steadily grow my business. If your goal is to push the needle or redefine what you believe is possible, having Gary behind you is how you tap your superpowers. I hope everyone can team up with someone like Gary. Onward!”

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson PT

Gary has been a true mentor. I highly recommend him if you are on a similar journey

“Gary helped me build Navesink International’s successful website and blog. His patient coaching, technical skills in numerous areas and his understanding of social media are like his understanding of finance and business – first class. We are not generally born with the self-confidence needed for social media expression and visibility and for putting oneself out there. I certainly wasn’t. He helped me get out of my head and find my voice.  His advice & his support in guiding me towards a public persona were the real gift. I am deeply grateful for his heartwarming, valuable and valued presence on this personal path.”

Gontran de Quillacq
Managing Partner
Navesink International

His strong recommendation regarding mindset adjustment made a huge difference

“Gary was integral in advising me with my search for a new role within the financial services industry. His advice regarding mindset adjustment and expert insights into all facets of the application process – from my resume, the interview process, and offer negotiation – was instrumental in repositioning me, my attitude, and my approach, and ultimately in my accepting my new position. Gary has an incredible depth of knowledge in advising his clients how best to navigate the often intricate mechanics in the application process. With his guidance, I was able to explore a new and compelling opportunity – ultimately resulting in a job offer. I highly recommend his expert consulting in any / all aspects of a career search.”

Michael La Tona
Head of Product, Americas

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  • Have the company come to you rather than the “Spray & Pray” resume approach
  • Have hiring managers at companies with  unadvertised positions find you
  • Stand out by focusing on the WIFHM – What’s in it for the Hiring Manager
  • Develop a marketing plan for the product you know best: YOU!


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